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There are certain tricks that people with a bad dental formula use to hide their teeth. For most of these people, their lips never part when they smile. Others use their hands to cover their teeth when they can’t hold their laughter. Unfortunately, these people are often misunderstood as sad due to the constant serious expression on their faces. On the contrary, such people have to maintain their serious faces so that they can protect their teeth from accidental exposure.

Unfortunately, people with poor dental formula often miss the many benefits that come with smiling. One of these benefits is an improved immune system. This is because smiling makes your body relaxes. Also, smiling helps you build better relationships with others as people who often smile usually are considered trustworthy.

The good news is that the Round Rock Orthodontist can help you reignite your beautiful smile through various dental procedures. These procedures include wearing braces such as the traditional metal braces, as well as undergoing cosmetic dentistry to enhance your dental formula. Below is an explanation of some of the most common procedures offered by orthodontist Round Rock Texas.

Family Dentistry

Dental Implants

Dental Restoration

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Round Rock Orthodontics

Round Rock Orthodontics was opened by Mike Jordan, and the office has served patients while respecting their privacy. The office safeguards the privacy of every patient by having individual rooms for the patients. Unlike the other orthodontics, patients are not served in an open-bay area where they can see each other.

Besides safeguarding the privacy of every patient, having patients in individual rooms ensure that they get uninterrupted attention from the staff.

Mike Jordan, who is a board-certified orthodontist, leads the fantastic team of staff at the Texas-based Round Rock Orthodontics. He, along with his team, ensures that you get the best treatment so you can have the bright and beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most popular type of braces. They are made of stainless steel and are effective in straightening teeth. The metal wires and archwires are responsible for teeth straightening. Given that these braces are the conventional type, they are ideal for children. Another reason why this type of braces is suitable for children is the fact that they give the wearer the option of adding colored rubber bands for that colorful smile. There is no denying that children love colors.

Clear Braces

Clear braces comprise of brackets that are bonded to the teeth and an archwire running across the brackets. The brackets are made using ceramic material.

The number one advantage of clear braces is that adults no longer have to endure the stigma that comes with metal braces as they improve their dental formula. Another great benefit of clear braces is that patients can remove them when necessary, such as when having a meal, and then put them back on once they have brushed their teeth.

Self Litigating Braces

The main difference between traditional braces and self-litigating braces is that self-litigating braces feature ligatures. In this type of braces, unique brackets are used to assist the archwire in aligning teeth. Unlike the other braces, the brackets here allow tooth movement hence reducing the discomfort that is sometimes experienced with traditional ligatures. Users of this type of braces also have the advantage of not having to visit the orthodontist as often as users of the other braces.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Unlike regular braces, aligners are tight-fitting mouthpieces that are custom made to slip over the individual’s teeth perfectly. Due to this, clear orthodontic aligners are not recommended for children as children’s teeth are not easily straightened. The other reason for this is that children’s teeth and mouths are still growing. However, the aligners are perfect for adults and teenagers. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult the orthodontist before deciding on this type of remedy for poorly aligned teeth. You can find friendly staff at Round Rock Orthodontics who are more than willing to tell you all you need to know about clear orthodontic aligners.


Invisalign is a virtually invisible orthodontic procedure that aids in straightening teeth minus the use of metal braces. Invisalign is one of the most significant developments in orthodontics as patients with teeth alignment problems can now enjoy a different option than conventional braces.

The treatment involves wearing a set of clear plastic aligners that are made to fit the wearer’s dental formula perfectly. The plastic aligners are responsible for shifting teeth into the correct position.

Family Dentistry

As part of the services offered by the orthodontists at Round Rock Orthodontics, family dentistry consists of dental procedures that are suitable for the whole family. The procedures here include regular dental checkup and cleaning.

A regular dental checkup is vital for any member of the family as it helps identify dental problems before they escalate.

According to the American Dental Association, you should visit your orthodontist every six months for checkups and cleaning. Keep in mind that when your mouth is healthy, there is a higher chance for your whole body to be healthy too.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry consists of orthodontic procedures that are aimed to enhance the way your teeth, mouth and smile looks. Most of the procedures in cosmetic dentistry are elective with most of them done for beauty purposes. However, some of the procedures have restorative advantages.

The procedures here range from the simplest to the more specialized procedures. The most common cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. This is whereby an orthodontist uses particular substances to make teeth whiter and brighter than their usual appearance. Other procedures here include teeth veneers, implants and composite bonding.

Consult a Qualified Round Rock Orthodontist

Just as you would with any medical condition, it is paramount to consult a qualified orthodontist when contemplating on undergoing any dental procedure. The orthodontist will help you decide the best dental procedure for your particular problem. Thus, to ensure the best outcome for you and to safeguard our smile, always get advice from the best orthodontist. At

Round Rock Orthodontics, you can be sure to get the best professional help you deserve.

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